TPACK & Why it’s important to understand it

It is important for teachers to understand the framework for TPACK because it helps them balance their curriculum. Each piece of TPACK; technology, pedagogy, and content has to be balanced equally in to the classroom. If one is having more weight on the balance then there is a possibility that your students aren’t getting their best lesson. According to the article, What is Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge?, The current work on the TPACK framework seeks to extend this tradition of research and scholarship by bringing technology integration into the kinds of knowledge that teachers need to consider when teaching.” In my classroom I will use technology to help teach but I won’t rely on it, as well as I won’t only rely on my teaching techniques to get me through the day. I will rely on the content, the technology, and the students thirst for knowledge to get me through different lessons. I’ve always been told that you shouldn’t use technology just because it’s there, you should use it to make things better or more efficient. I hope to pass this on so that my students don’t turn to technology for every little problem but work to figure things out. And then if all else fails look it up. Each area of TPACK should enhance the others, making things better for the students and yourself. As a future educator I hope to be as willing and as enthusiastic to play with technology and try new things. To help better my students education.


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