Digital Classrooms

The most important things to consider when designing a digital classroom is what technology is available to you and your students. You have to think about what tools are available and if those require certain space. If the students each have a ChromeBook then you may want to make sure that there are plug-ins available in your room. Also, something that is often forgotten is that you need to make sure your classroom has trusty wi-fi if you want your students to be using the internet.

Some things I considered when creating my digital classroom, these are assuming I get to have the tools I want in my classroom. I thought about the classes that I will be teaching and the age levels. Since I will be hopefully teaching elementary general music I will have some class periods where the students sit on the floor and others where the older students will be in chairs. I have to think about where the Interactive WhiteBoard will be located. Where speakers and digital keyboard are located. Also, where chairs will be for the classes that get chairs, when they are there and when they aren’t. I also know that I want to have work time for students to create their own compositions and lyrics, so I want to have a space in the back corner that they can go and feel relaxed while they work. I decided it wasn’t necessary for my classroom to have digital cameras, video equipment, or calculators. Students will have days that they will need to bring their devices if we are in a 1:1 school and until they are needed will be stored in the back of the room.

I hope to have an Interactive WhiteBoard available to me and an iPad with Apple TV or projector system so I can mirror up onto the IWB during class.


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