Technology Review: forscore App

The tech tool that I’m going to be reviewing is forscore. It’s an music app available for iPad and iPhone. You can find this tool in the App Store,, it is a $9.99 app but allows many things that music teachers and accompanists normally carry around in giant tote bags. This is solely an Apple application from what I can find. You would download it and then can upload scores to it.

The main purpose of this tool is for accompanists and music teachers to get rid of their giant pile of solo books and scores. This tool allows for teachers to put together set lists or lists of the pieces that will be sung by each group. It lets notes be marked in if a student or group needs to look at something more later on. There is a way to make measures larger and zoom in and out. The biggest feature is that it can flip pages of the score with the tap of a screen, normally pianists need a page turner but with this they need one second for their hand to touch the screen or there is a piano pedal attachment for the iPad that will flip the page with the foot pedal push.

This app works with the world’s library and cloud services. So scores can be scanned and uploaded. It has a pitch pipe, a pdf merger, can set page numbers, and a virtual keyboard that allows practice away from a piano.

One way how to use this app: Download the app and take pictures of score pages with the iPad camera. Then upload  the photos into the app. It will merge the pages if you tell it to. Select that piece as the piece you want to play, sit at the piano and play what is written on the screen. When you hit the end of the screen, tap the screen and it will flip to the next page.

For a class piano course, have students work this app and set up their music into the app. Then when you practice with them write in notes. As they perform in a class recital you can have their score on your device to watch and make sure that they don’t mess up the things that they especially notated. Any age piano class.

The second way is if the students in a general music class all have iPad access you can have them using this instead of paper music. With teacher access you are able to flip the page for them if you want to work on a certain area. Students can highlight as go the parts that they think that need work, that can then be shown to the teacher without them forgetting where they marked, it is clearly visible.


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