Presenter Experience

I noticed that the presenters talked about the technology that is their favorite and why. Along with the technology that they get to use. How social media has or is effecting teaching collaboration. I really liked that Erica was honest in saying that teaching can be lonely. But then gave her way around it including communities via Google and Twitter. Most of the interview I thought was about connecting with other teachers no matter where you are. It surprised me that you can tell the students “I don’t know how to use this tool, can you come up and help?” And that you have to be forward about the fact that you don’t know something.

I think that I wouldn’t mind being a tech integration specialist someday. I’d like to help teachers understand how to use technology more effectively in their classrooms. I learned by watching and listening that connecting is important and theorist/theories are just that something you should think about but it doesn’t need to drive your lesson creating.


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