Technology Review: SmartMusic Program

The technology tool that I am going to review is SmartMusic. You can find this program at,, it is an expense but can be beneficial. The educator subscription is $140/year, student subscription is $40/year, practice room subscription is $44/year. This program is supported on iPad, PC, and Mac devices. It is a program that needs installed on the computer or downloaded directly from the site.

The purpose of the tool is to give students immediate feedback on their music skills. They are able to record themselves playing and then listen to their performance and see the errors that they made. It automatically checks the notes and the rhythms to see what the student knows. The program has method books and solo repertoire available for different instrumentation. It also has the accompaniment available for students to practice their solo repertoire.

If this is installed on a computer in a practice room then students use their student log-in. They can find their practice assignments. Students then play to the computer and as they play the computer program marks what they missed and their accuracy. Students are able to keep recording and then submit their practice assignments for the teacher to grade.

This can be used for students that don’t have an accompanist. It gives them the experience of playing with an accompanist. This can be used with any level musician. A second way to use this is to have students do a contest where they can only submit their sight-reading 2x and then later in the semester try it again. This tests sight-reading abilities and improvement in that skill set.


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