Iowa State, C&I 302 reflection

The course C&I 302 at Iowa State is entitled, Principles and Practices of Digital Learning. During this course we learned about using technology effectively in the classroom, different tech tools for the classroom, took a crash course in Google Drive, learned about theories, blogging, digital classrooms, grant writing and much more. I learned most about the different things you should think about when incorporating technology in you classroom. You have to remember the crossovers in technological knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and content knowledge and remember why each part is important in teaching. Also, I was not good at Google Drive before and it sort of scared me but now that I know what is available and what it can do I am going to use this knowledge.

I think that the material we learned in this class is important because it is some of the stuff that you don’t learn in other courses but need to know. Without this course I wouldn’t have thought twice about giving my students an iPad and letting them play a music game. I will want it now to be something that has more value and that is actually tied into what we are learning. That may mean me making a change in lessons or creating my own activities.

This class will impact my future as I now know many new tools that I can bring to my classroom and recommend to other teachers and future teachers. I think my room will be using technology as an effective tool to enhance creativity in music writing, reading, researching, and planning.


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