Take Time to Craft

Okay so I recently had to take a break from substitute teaching because of medical reasons. Which allowed me to have about 2 weeks of free time! While I spent time with my family and visiting with friends and grandparents I took time to catch up on things I’ve wanted to do for awhile.

Project One: A book made through Snapfish for my grandparents 50th Anniversary. If you’ve never made a photo book on a site like Snapfish it is really easy. You pick your theme, upload your photos, and place them on the pages. They have colors/patterns for backgrounds, text options, and even stickers you can insert for added decorating.

Project Two: Shoe Organization. I got 6 milk crates from Target this last fall when student/dorm supplies are on sale. Then I recycled all of the shoe boxes from my closet and organized my shoes into piles. Flats, Black, Silver, Sandals, Boots, Heels/Wedges. These were my 6 big categories so then I made labels in Word and laminated them, cut them out, and taped them to the front of the crates. The crates stack perfect in the bottom of a closet at two high and then three across. They move easily on carpet to rearrange. Here is what my labels look like Shoe:Bag Organization

Project Three: Make-up Brush Holder. Easy! The supplies you need: Mason Jar, Paint Brush, Modge Podge, Glitter, Newspaper, Ribbon, Clear Sealant. Take an old mason jar and clean it inside and out. Layout your newspaper so you can keep your excess glitter. Cover the mason jar completely on the outside with the Modge Podge. Shake glitter over your jar making sure to cover all the white adhesive that you just put on. About an hour later your jar will be completely dry and you can spray it with a clear sealant. Allow 2-3 hours for this to dry completely. Add your ribbon around the outside and put your brushes in their new home!

Project Four: Chalkboard Coasters. I found a great tutorial on how to make chalkboard coasters here by Living Well Spending Less. Allow your tiles to dry and love you buttons! I found my button collection minimal and found some cute ones at Michaels for cheap. Adding black felt to the back lets you keep your table tops nice and allows for coaster stacking without scratching.

So yeah those were my big crafts/organizing for the last week! Remember to always take time for yourself and relax 🙂

P.S. I’ll add my photos as soon as I find my camera again….!


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